We provide medico-legal psychological and neuropsychological assessments and reports on children and adolescents for a range of purposes as expert witnesses. This can include neuropsychological assessment of traumatic brain injury, clinical negligence or learning disability, mental capacity and/or capacity understand legal circumstances. We have particular expertise in carrying out complex mental capacity assessments with people with brain injury and disability. This can include providing an opinion on mental capacity to the Court of Protection, or giving expert evidence on capacity to understand criminal proceedings.

We can assist solicitors as experts in tribunal hearings and based on medico-legal instructions we can provide advice to schools and services (including social services) in understanding and catering for a child's complex presentation after a brain injury. We offer our medico-legal services at £295.00 per hour for Clinical Neuropsychologists, £160 per hour for Clinical Psychologists and £125 per hour for our Speech and Language Therapist. These assessments incur VAT.