Mrs Louise Hopkinson (SENCO) & Dr James Tonks

We have a highly specialist and unique service that offers consultancy to schools and colleges in working with young people who are in education (including young people who are returning to education after brain injury). This work is undertaken by Mrs Louise Hopkinson and Dr James Tonks.

Mrs Hopkinson is Dfes registered and has 40 years experience in the classroom. She was a SENCO at a large community college before she became a head teacher. Mrs Hopkinson provides the majority of our SEN support in education settings and can be instructed directly by parents, solicitors and eduction establishments. She provides consultancy and expert-witness testimony to tribunals. Mrs Hopkinson has vast experience in creating Individual Education Plans, previous Statement applications, reviewing children's learning and writing policies. She has provided pastoral care to children with socio-emotional behaviour difficultes. Mrs Hopkinson is familiar with requirements of the new SEN Code of Practice and Health Care and Education Plans.

Dr Tonks is not only dual qualified as a Teacher (Dfes registered) and a Clinical Neuropsychologist, he also holds a Ph.D in Paediatric Neuropsychology. To this extent he is ideally qualified to understand and comment upon the structures, learning programs, SEN provision, transition points and Key Stages, school-based assessments and the learning environment for such children. Dr Tonks has published papers internationally on the implications for children returning to school after brain injury. In this role Dr Tonks collaborates closely with our expert SENCO, Mrs Louise Hopkinson.